Save Your Company Time and Money

Schedule staffing services in Cambridge, Zanesville or Heath, OH

It's no secret that finding the right staff for your business can be stressful. Luckily, Competitive Staffing Solutions is a leading provider of staffing services in Zanesville, Heath and Cambridge, OH. Background screenings, job announcements, staff transportation and payroll services - we offer everything you'll need to hire the right employees for your company.

If you want to speak with an expert at our temp agency, call 220-208-1313 now. We look forward to helping you fill gaps in your staff.

Increase your company's return on investment

Hiring a temp agency to help you fill positions at your company can have a wide range of advantages. Trust us to help you:

  • Reduce overhead costs and overtime pay
  • Streamline the onboarding and payroll process
  • Find seasonal or short-term staff members
  • Hire experts who won't have to spend as much time training
  • Access a large network of talent and fill positions quickly
Want to try out new employees before you extend a full-time offer? Take advantage of our staffing services now.